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Woodworking Sphere Grinding Head

Woodworking Sphere Grinding Head

Woodworking Sphere Grinding Head

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Ideal for carving smooth hollows in
your woodworking projects. It's a
craftsman's favorite accessory!

The woodworking sphere grinding head is a perfect
accessory to add to your grinder tool. Suitable to
use in any wood materials.

Save Time & Energy

The rotary burr is a good helper that helps you concentrate
on the task at hand for different projects such as
sculpting, carving, polishing, arts & crafts, and many more.

High Quality Carbon Steel

Made of high quality material. The strong teeth surface
provides with excellent wear life & have long lasting burrs.

Easy to Use

Convenient operation makes it comfortable to use.
It easily allows you to carve and remove various
materials quickly while maintaining a smooth finish.

Professional Looking Result

Get inspired. A very rough coating can quickly
remove the blank while maintaining a relatively
smooth finish. Enjoy creating woodworks for
arts, furniture and other masterpieces.


Material: No. 45 Carbon Steel
Outer Diameter: 40mm
Inside Diameter: 10/14mm
Color: Black


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