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Waterproof Spray - Anti Leak

Waterproof Spray - Anti Leak

Waterproof Spray - Anti Leak

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With this  Super Strong Repair Spray , easily repair damaged surfaces. 



Super Strong Repair Spray is an innovative solution that effectively repairs damaged walls. Can be applied with most water-based paints, and used to  waterproof surfaces to be treated .

This product provides a strong and flexible protective layer on the surface to be treated. It is leak proof and can be applied to wet areas with high adhesion.

It is transparent, with a non-yellowing substance.

This powerful Repair Spray is characterized by its strong adhesion. It repairs perfectly and ensures a good seal.

It is easy to apply. It delivers the protection you want in no time. A powerful solution for a lasting result.

Permeable sealant, penetrates into the crack.

This Super Strong Repair Spray will seal joints, crevices and cracks, preventing leaks. Can be used on all building materials. This Repair Spray is suitable for painted and unpainted surfaces. It is non-polluting and odorless. Safe and non-toxic.



Step 1 :

Clean the area to be repaired before applying the product and wait for it to dry.

2nd step : 

Spray or apply the product directly on the surface of ceramic tiles, on the floor, walls or cement.

Step 3:

Wait for the product to penetrate the base coat. After a few minutes, when there is no more liquid on the surface, spray a second time to intensify the effect.

The waterproof layer will form after 48 hours and will become more resistant over time.

Tip:  If the crack is deep (more than 2 mm), it is recommended to repair it first with putty. Then use the repair spray.


  • Content: 30 ml 
  • Dimensions: 10.5 * 2.7cm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Material: Polymer Copolymer

Can also be used for toilet clogging.


  • 1 * Super Strong Repair Spray


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