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Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet

Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet

Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet

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The best kitchen mat to give your home a stylish and protective makeover! 

  • Stain-proof And Oil-proof! These carpets are stain-proof! Simply wipe off the grease or stains off the carpets easily! 

  • Easily Cleaned! These carpets are made machine-washable! Cleaning them has never been easier or more effortless! 

  • Anti-slip Design! This gorgeous carpet comes with anti-slip granules to grip the floor firmly, preventing any slippery accidents from happening! 

  • Water Absorbing Property! These carpets are built with a water absorbing material, keeping all watery mess off your floor! 

  • Create a Cozy Home Atmosphere! These mats come in a stylish and minimalist design, perfect to give a hint of cozy and modern look to your home! 

  • Safe Plant-based Color Printings! These carpets are made with safe, eco-friendly plant-based colors! 


  • Dimensions: (Small)40*60cm; (Large)40*120cm
  • Thickness: 0.7cm
  • Materials: Crystal Velvet & Microfiber Blend


  • (1*Small Pack)   1* (40x60cm)Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet
  • (1*Buy 1 Large Get 1 Small Free! Pack)   1* (40x60cm)Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet / 1* (40x120cm)Waterproof Oil-proof Kitchen Carpet

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