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Waterproof Adhesive Tape

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This rubberized tape is an extremely durable waterproof tape. It seals in water, air and moisture to create an extremely strong bond capable of fixing virtually anything. It's a super hydrophobic rubberized tape that works even in water. It is made from a rubberized material thick enough to be reliable. It is also flexible enough to adapt to all curves and creases.

Gasket keeps you 100% dry

Apply this tape to a wet, leaking hole or crack. It will instantly stick, seal and stop the flow of water at the source of the problem. This tape was designed for use inside or outside above ground pools. But also for water tanks, drums and storage tanks containing liquid.

“Just cut, paste and seal… And voila!”

  • High and low temperature
    resistance Capable of withstanding up to 120 degrees Celsius and maintaining viscosity at low temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius.

  • Flame retardant, fire resistant, corrosion resistant, UV resistant
    Pure aluminum surface, can effectively flame retardant and anti-corrosion, smooth pure aluminum film has better sun protection and cooling effect

  • Environmentally friendly and degradable
    The main ingredient is synthesized from natural rubber, which can be degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and does not pollute the environment.

  • how to use it:


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