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Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs)

Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs)

Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs)

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Get rid of painful, ugly-looking ingrown toenails for good with glue-free Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs)!

Solve Ingrown Toenail Problem: Each patch is tough enough to control the nail curvature but elastic enough that you'll feel comfortable the entire time you're wearing it.

Keep Nails Healthy & Relieve Pain: As the nails grow inward, it can take good care of your nails and keep them healthy and relieve pain. Correction is painless and gentle for several weeks.


Provide a Great Care For Your Nails: Toenail Corrector adopts lever mechanics to change the angle of nail growth, provide great care for your nails to keep you healthy.

High Quality Material: Two sets of toenail correction stickers are made of high-quality materials for practical use.The Patch is suitable For Home-Use & Professional Use.   Professional paronychia treatment tool, effectively improve the ingrown nail.


Easy To Apply:  Step 1 tear off the inlaid nail sticker from the protection board. Step 2 press the nail sticker on the central part of the nail. If the nail sticker is larger than the width of the nail, use scissors to cut the nail sticker to a suitable size before use. Step 3 use your fingers to press both ends of the nail sticker to make it stick more firmly.

Package Includes:

1 sheet x Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs) or

3 sheets x Toe Be Health Instant Beauty Patch(10pcs) 

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