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Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts

Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts

Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts

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Introducing Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts, the skirt can provide outstanding leak protection. Designed to help keep your child comfortable while potty training, Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts are made with a cottony-soft & breathable material ”because once they're comfortable, Confidence Comes Naturally. 

Super Soft, Like Cotton Underwear

Easy Ups feel comfy, like cotton underwear, thanks to super-soft material


Extra Absorb Channels

Pampers exclusive Extra Absorb Channels provide outstanding protection against leaks, day or night

Dual LeakGuard Barriers

Dual LeakGuard Barriers help stop and absorb leaks where they happen most

360° Stretchy Waistband

360º stretchy waistband—for the skirt - easy for your toddler to pull up and down

Product Includes: 1x Toddler Cotton Diaper Skirts

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