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Talking Hamster

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Is your baby starting to speak?

This talking plush will be his new companion.  Continue your household chores with confidence while your baby plays and learns to speak.  This toy is a source of fun and knowledge, and expands his vocabulary to become smarter! 

Great  fun,  the Talking Hamster  repeats  everything you say. Her high pitched  and  sassy voice   will have  you laughing  at all times! 

HE SHAKES HIS HEAD AND BODY WHILE SPEAKING: He repeats the words while shaking his chubby body very happily, and responds to the touch. Its head automatically moves up and down.  

Surprise your children with this adorable Talking Plush! A  great idea  to help them develop harmoniously!

FUNNY AND FUN:  The Talking Hamster repeats everything it hears with its own funny voice.  It will improve his language skills while playing. 

SOFT TALKING PLUSH:  The Talking Hamster repeats your child's words with clearer pronunciation. A soft plush that loves to be cuddled. Your children will appreciate it. 

Power supply: Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included). 

Perfect for babies and toddlers to stimulate their senses. Can also be used to decorate the nursery. A perfect gift idea for Christmas and New Year, and much more. 

Characteristics :

  • REPEAT WHAT IT HEARTS:  The cue function allows the hamster to repeat whatever you say.  Laugh, sing or speak in any language.  Can imitate female or male voice. 
  • SHAKES HEAD AND BODY AUTOMATICALLY   He shakes his head and body automatically, and responds to touch. His head moves up and down  when he talks or when you stroke him. 
  • EASY TO USE:  Use the On button to turn it on.  He will imitate your every word with his funny and high pitched voice.  Switch to the Off position to turn it off and activate its energy saver. 

Product specification:

  • Powered by: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 16cm
  • Color: Light brown / Dark brown / Gray

The pack includes:

  • 1 x Talking Hamster

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