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Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover

Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover

Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover

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No more annoying, squeaky furniture legs dragging! This protective cover keeps scratches and the noise off your floor! 
  • FLOOR PROTECTIONS : Protects both your furniture legs and floors by preventing scratches and noises! The flexible silicone cover is easy to put on to give your furnitures a gentle grip!
  • INCREASED STABILITY : Significantly increases the grip of the chair leg on the floor by increase the friction of your furniture legs! 
    • NON-TOXIC SILICONE MATERIALS! Made of soft, food-safe silicone materials, these protective covers are 100% safe and non-toxic, making it safe for homes with children and pets! The flexible build suits all your furniture legs perfectly, from dining chair, bar stools, tables, couch legs, and more! 
      • ELASTIC MALLEABLE DESIGN: Made of transparent silicone gel, it fits furniture legs of all shapes, from round cylinder shapes, to square shapes! The minimalistic design is perfect for any home styles! 
      • Colors: White, Grey
      • Materials: Premium Food-safe Silicone
      • Applicable For: Any furniture legs under 40mm circumference
      • Dimensions: 34*30*40mm


      • [4pcs Set] 4* Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover
      • [16pcs Set] 16* Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover
      • [24pcs Set] 24* Silicone Chair Legs Protective Cover

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