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Silicone Boat Egg Poacher

Silicone Boat Egg Poacher

Silicone Boat Egg Poacher

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The Silicone Boat Egg Poacher is made to look just like a flat-bottomed Venetian Gondola row boat and will certainly make each breakfast be smooth sailing!
Boat-type egg boiler
A small home also needs a sense of ritual and the smaller things can reveal the extraordinary!
How to use 

Just dump your egg into the boat.
 Put the boat into your pot.
Close the lid, and start poaching your eggs with pure class.

Easy to clean, Easy to use
Both sides can be lifted 
and designed for easy taking and putting down, it is 
easy to clean and can be used as an ornament when not in use.

Food grade silicone
Safe and healthy to use.


12 x 7.2 x 6.7cm 2.56" x 1.57" x 4.33" (Approx.).

Material: Food grade high heat resistance silicone 

Package Includes: 
1x Silicone Boat Egg Poacher /
2x Silicone Boat Egg Poacher /
3x Silicone Boat Egg Poacher


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