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Self Centering Drill Bits Set

Self Centering Drill Bits Set

Self Centering Drill Bits Set

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Enhance your drilling efficiency and drill perfectly
accurate holes
with the fail-proof 
Self Centering Drill Bits!

It automatically adjusts your drill’s position to
provide you with a flawlessly centered hole every time!
It’s a must-have smooth sailing extension for every power drill!


The drill bits are made with high-quality
carbon steel alloy
to provide you with industrial-grade
durability that is guaranteed to last for years!

This unique centering extension easily installs on your
standard electric drill with no complex procedures
required! Get perfect alignment every time and
instantly drill your holes.

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  • 100% high quality.
  • Rugged and durable, it is made of metal and is not easily broken.
  • Efficient cutting, durable and stronger.
  • The positioning is accurate and will not shift, and the wood chips will be automatically discharged from the holes on both sides of the top of the drill bit, and the drill bit will not be stuck.
  • Stable performance and long service life.
  • Used for opening holes in wood, plastic, thin iron plate, thin aluminum plate, etc.


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