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Pelvic Position Correcting Belt

Pelvic Position Correcting Belt

Pelvic Position Correcting Belt

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Look in shape and feel better even after giving birth with this belt! 
By applying proper compression support to your pelvic area, this belt effectively binds the pelvic bones together to prevent postpartum pelvis dilatation and other problems! 
Our belt provides your abdominal and pelvic area with shape-boosting support for your so you can look in your best shape and feel even better wearing it!  
Pelvic fatigue is common among women after pregnancy! By gently pushing your pelvis and spine into the right posture, this correcting belt can relieve pelvic fatigue and other issues!  
Our pressure belt is created with breathable fabric design so you can enjoy proper support without the stuffiness! 
Adjust our pelvic belt to your suitable level of compression using our seven-buckled design! 
  • Content Weight: 120g
  • Color Selections: Nude, Black
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Size Chart: 


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