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Paver Mold for Garden Tiles

Paver Mold for Garden Tiles

Paver Mold for Garden Tiles

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Make your own cement tile, quickly and easily with the Paver Mold for Garden Tiles. Solid and well decorated. Formwork with the Paver Mold is perfect for all your tiling work. Create your own style with a large number of possible finishes. Thanks to its patented composition, the Paver Mold is strong and easy to use. Fill in the empty spaces with mixed sand.


  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 4 cm
  • Black color
  • Turn your dream into reality. Easily decorate your yard with the Paver  Tile Mold.  Easy to use. Does not require any special skills.

Use the Paver Mold for your yard, driveway, pool surround or patio. Create a unique garden style.


  1. Inspect the ground and lay the formwork.
  2. Prepare the cement. Pour the mixture into the mold.
  3. Use a spatula for a smooth finish. Remove the formwork.
  4. Create your own style for a unique garden.


  1. The paver mold can be cleaned with a garden hose and then reused.
  2. You can reuse the mold shortly after the first pour (do not wait too long otherwise removal will be difficult)
  3. The volume of cement poured depends on the thickness of the desired tile. Use a wetter cement mixture for the tiling on the ground floor, garden; a more rigid cement mix for a higher garden floor.


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