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Magnetic Sleeping Smoother

Magnetic Sleeping Smoother

Magnetic Sleeping Smoother

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Do you know why people are always snoring?
Snoring is due to clogged pharyngeal tissue, which collapses the upper airway.
When the oxygen flow passes through the narrow part, a vortex is generated.
And cause vibration, which produces snoring.
Medically,it is called "Sleep Apnea Complications"
Snoring will affect your breathing tube, from nasal breathing to mouth breathing, and long-term mouth breathing can cause buck teeth, the airflow hits the hard palate.
It may also form confusion or even abnormal appearance.
A Beautiful Kid
Because of long-term mouth breathing
After 3 years, the teeth protrude and the jaw leans forward.
Therefore, it is very urgent to stop snore!

Anti-Snore Magnet Nose Clip!

Anti-Snoring Magnet Nose Clip adopts a pure anti-snoring principle, reaching the body's normal oxygen level through supportive breathing. Ventilation can be increased by 50%, achieving comfortable breathing.
Sleep without snoring, your partner will be more relaxed.

Anti-Snoring Magnet Nose Clip is made of food-grade EVA materials. It is BPA-free and no side effects on the nose.
Ergonomic design reduces nasal foreign body sensation.
Just put the product directly into the nose.
Super soft silicone makes you more comfortable to wear.
The magnetic design ensures to wear sturdily.
The anti-slip design provides an all-night peaceful sleep!
we help you build healthy sleep habits.
Anti-Snoring Magnet Nose Clip uses special magnets. It helps to open the nasal passage. Simple to easy way to prevent snoring!
It is applicable for men and women, which is also perfect on different occasions.
Package Includes:
  • 1 Set / 3 Sets x Magnetic Sleeping Smoother (Clip+Box)
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