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Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder

Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder

Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder

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Magnetic Pivot Drill Bit Holder has a swivel-mounted ball head to install screws with a portable electric drill also at inaccessible spots, where the machine's drill chuck would be a hindrance.

No more limitations. Perfectly pivots to fit tight spaces and cornersSimply slide the sleeve forward to release the bit.


Engineered with a strong permanent neodymium magnet for fastener retention - minimizes drops and reduces wobbling!

Made of engineered steel for maximum strength and flexibility. Qualified for cordless impact tools up to 2000 In/lbs of torque.


Designed for use in Impact Drivers and Wrenches. Used for Extending all kinds of screwdriver bits, drill, batch head, screwdriver head, etc.




Shank Size: 1/4"
Color: Black

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