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Long Handled Toilet Brush

Long Handled Toilet Brush

Long Handled Toilet Brush

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The innovative Long-Handled Toilet Brush will provide you with a truly exceptional cleaning experience!
The brush head's distinctive design is a triangle form that cleans the deepest sections of the bowl from all sides, leaving no blind spots. Corners and concealed areas would be more simple to clean.
With bristles on all sides, it assists in cleaning the bowl, leaving no filthy spots and ensuring that it is completely clean!

Comes with its own container and hooks so you don't have to drill a hole in your wall. Nail-less installation, durable, non-marking stickers, waterproof, moisture-resistant, long-lasting, and reliable!

The toilet recess is no longer an annoyance, and the brush is simple to clean. The bristles of the toilet brush do not stay together; after cleaned, the brush will be clean and filth will not remain; clean and sanitary!

TPR bristles provide a pleasant new sensation, making cleanup easier while protecting the glazed toilet bowl. The bristles are less likely to tangle and have a greater cleaning capacity, making housework more convenient.

Material: PP+TPR
Product colours: White / Blue / Black / Green
Product size: you can41*7.1CM
Product weight: 187.6g


Tags: cleaning home

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