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Leather Plant Hanger

Leather Plant Hanger

Leather Plant Hanger

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 Putting a plant on display in your home or office will enhance your interior design and help improve indoor air quality and create a soothing, peaceful atmosphere.
Blending together modern nature & traditional craft to the comfort of your home.

 Provide a beautiful way to save space and showcase your plants, creating a feeling of relaxation and bringing a bohemian element to your home décor.
It can keep the flower pot stable also convenient for watering plants and maintenance. The hanger will comfortably hold most small to medium sized pots.
Easily hang on a hook from the ceiling, wall or curtain rod. Strong and durable to carry a large flower pot or a few small ones.
Beautiful home décor. Showcase your plant babies, fits a mix of planter shapes, sizes and colors. 
Wonderfully suspend your hanging plant pots in this chic leather plant hanger. Both simple and elegant at the same time. Showcase your plant babies
Product Specifications:
Rope Drop: 18" from top)

2: Leather size 5.7"


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