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Gynecomastia Compress Reposition Shaper

Gynecomastia Compress Reposition Shaper

Gynecomastia Compress Reposition Shaper

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The well-made men's body shaper vest with good compression, that wrap your whole upper body. Hide your man boobs and reduce Gynecomastia with this product.

Reduces the fat in your chest. No more man boobs and more of confidence again!

Gives back support for the user, along with the compression, body posture is also one of the main concern of this product.

This shaper has a good fit on every man's body. It is also adjustable to how tight you want it to be!


Tank-top like shaper which is easy to hide with a simple shirt on. Very comfortable and has a breathable fabric.

For everyday use. Use it anywhere and everywhere you like. Take it to parties, everyday work, or even in just your home.


See results in less than 2 months of wearing the product!

Condition: New without tag
Material: Nylon + Spandex 
Feature: Fat Reduction, Compressor


CEW 2020 Beauty Award

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