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Fasteners Car Retainer Rivets Set

Fasteners Car Retainer Rivets Set

Fasteners Car Retainer Rivets Set

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 You can quickly and easily replace worn or broken fasteners during car repair. This set includes a fastener removal tool and 415 pcs rivets. Helps firmly hold your vehicle trims!

The tools helps you rest assured that your trims and panels are being held firmly and securely!

The product provide a firm and durable hold, and are built to withstand extended use over time.

Durable Plastic and Metal material that has advantage of high abrasion resistance,   allow you to quickly and easily remove car door panel and upholstery clips without causing damage to them.


The wide range of sizes and pieces ensures that you'll always have the perfect fit for your specific need. Securely hold your vehicle's trims, panels, bumper and more.



Material: nylon, steel, ABS

Plastic box: 27.5x17.5x4.5cm

Fastener remover: 6 inches

415 pcs Rivets


Package Includes:

415 Pcs Push Retainer Rivets & 1 x Fastener remover



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