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DIY Leather Key Holder Case

DIY Leather Key Holder Case

DIY Leather Key Holder Case

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This is an effective key storage solution.
Can accommodate a maximum of 10 keys or tools to keep
everything neat and organized. It fits almost all the keys.

 Built from Premium Genuine Leather, brass screws
and carabiner, made to last for long time. The secure compact
keychain will guard your keys, significantly reducing the risk
of misplacing or losing your keys.

Very easy to assemble and use. This key holder
case eliminates unwanted loose keys rattling as you walk
around, without weighing you down.

No more bulky key holder. keeps all your keys
stacked one onto the other, completely eliminating the risk
of sharp edges damaging your phone.


Material: Geniune leather and brass
Size: 90mm x 45mm x 30mm
Weight: 1.16 oz / 33 g

Tags: Accessory Tool

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