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Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

Bucket Lid Mouse Trap

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Automatic Mouse Trap: Our mouse trap automatically resets, with a large space for trapping mice, which can effectively trap mice.

Pet & Children Friendly: Stop purchasing traditional mouse traps which can harm your family pet or even worse, your children. Our Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap is 100% safe.

Saft & Clean: Clean, hygienic and safe-there is no need to use glue to capture by hand, which separates harmful substances and is safer and more hygienic.


Multiple ways to use: This trap were designed with the intent to be used in a catch and release style, but it is optionable to fill the bucket up with water to make the trap lethal.


Package Included: Bucket Lid Mouse Trap x1

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