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Anti Spy Detector

Anti Spy Detector

Anti Spy Detector

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The spyware detector is an essential device! It uses laser scanning technology and wireless passive detection to identify:
  1. Wireless and wired hidden cameras
  2. Pinhole cameras
  3. Hidden audio recording devices
  4. Listening devices
  5. Telephone tapping and tapping vehicles
  6. Text messages and internet signals and more



  • Auto detection mode to detect live on the road
  • Laser detection: 10cm-10m (the naked eye can identify the red flashing)
  • Radio detection: 5cm-10m
  • Wireless scanning: Frequency detection range (1MHz-6.5 GHz)
  • Signal strength indicator to quickly find the source
  • Sensitivity adjustment to narrow or widen the detection range
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with low voltage warning
  • Rubberized coating, resistant to high temperatures.

Detection modes:

  1. Laser
  2. Vibration (mute)
  3. Beep
  4. LED display
  5. Headphones (included)

How it can be used:

  • Detect if your home is bugged with spy equipment
  • Detect if your office or workplace is bugged with spy equipment.
  • Detect if your car is bugged with spy equipment such as a GPS tracker
  • Detect if your phone is bugged
  • Detect wireless cell phone signal and internet
  • Detect when a text message is sent
  • Protection of privacy during commercial transactions

Product specification:
  • Laser detection camera at a distance of 10cm-10m
  • 5cm-10m camera range radio detection
  • Power in the detection range 50mv-200mv 30-50cm
  • Power in the detection range of 300 to 600 mv 100-200 cm
  • Power in the detection range 800mv-1200mv 300-800cm
  • Power supply: built-in 450mAH lithium polymer battery
  • Consumption: 8mA
  • Auto detection wavelength: 920nm
  • Frequency range: 1MHz-6500MHz
  • Special optical filters dedicated to lenses

The package includes:

1 x Spyware detector

1 x Charging cable

1 x Headphones

1 x User manual


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