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Anti-Snoring Magnet Ring

Anti-Snoring Magnet Ring

Anti-Snoring Magnet Ring

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Enjoy Better Sleep Quality For You & Your Partner!



Using the proven ancient principle of magnetic acupressure therapy, the Anti-snoring Magnet Ring eliminates snoring by triggering pressure points that unblock up to 80% of nasal passage airways throughout the course of the user's sleep time.  

Anti-snoring Magnet Rings use non-invasive acupressure to trigger pressure points located on the fingers. These pressure points in turn loosen breathing airways while you're asleep, thus preventing snoring. It's comfortable to wear and easy to use so you (and your spouse/husband) can enjoy higher quality sleep all the time!





  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - With a minimalist, sleek adjustable opening to allow you to perfectly position it on your finger while achieving the right acupressure points.
  • EASY TO USE - Just wear it on the little finger of your hand! Do this for at least an hour before going to bed - Gently press the ring together so it can work on the targeted acupressure points.
  • SAFE WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS - Other expensive methods are often uncomfortable and harmful to your health. The Anti-snoring Magnet Ring provides a solution that is 100% safe and cost-effective. Just wear it and feel the magic work!





  • Material: Environmental Protection Copper + Plating
  • Size: About 25mm x 25mm x 7mm




1 x Anti-snoring Magnet Ring

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