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All Purpose Anti Grease Powder

All Purpose Anti Grease Powder

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Get rid of ingrained stains in homewares
by All-Purpose Cleaning Powder!

 long-lasting protective coating effect and leave
a glossy finish like brand new with no damage!

Suitable to use on fabrics, canvas, finished leathers,
PVCs, glass, vinyls, plastics, rubbers, metals, gel coats, and more!

Widely applicable to remove all kinds of dirts.
Remove stain made from grease, coffee and more!
No need to struggle at rubbing grease and stains anymore!
Method 1
Apply Powder onto dirts.
Grip greases or dirts with wet towel or sponge
Clean with water.
Method 2

Add 1 PC of All-Purpose Cleaning Powder and 300ml
water into a container. Mix Gently and apply to greases.
Use Sponge to grip out dirts.
In only 30 Seconds, this effective will break through
tough grease and grime and has added corrosion inhibitors to
help protect against flash rust instantly

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