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Age DeCrease Face Lifting Masque

Age DeCrease Face Lifting Masque Women-003 1688 Forehead

Age DeCrease Face Lifting Masque

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Regain youthful glowing look with our lifting masque now!
Reverse the trace of time on your skin in one simple patch! Say goodbye to fine lines on your eyes, forehead, as well as smile lines and under eye circles! 
Witness visible improvement of our powerful rejuvenation process in as fast as 28 days! 
With three distinctive shapes targeted for different areas of your face, our face lifting masque eliminates corresponding wrinkles on the eye, forehead, and smile line areas! 
Age DeCrease reinvented the structure of face masks with a triple layered structure that enhances serum absorption, fitting to your skin, and the moisture lock under the mask! 
  1. Clean and dry face thoroughly before applying
  2. Apply mask on face; leave on for 2-8 hours for best result
  3. Remove mask and gently massage face for better absorption
  4. Rinse and clean off the remaining serum
  5. Apply skincare as per usual
  • Key Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, collagen, aqua gel
  • Weight: 5g/pack 
  • (Forehead Set)
    • 1* Forehead Lifting Masque
  • (Laugh Lines Set)
    • 2* Laugh Line Lifting Masque
  • (Undereye Set)
    • 2* Undereye Lifting Masque
  • (Whole Face Set)
    • 1* Forehead Lifting Masque
    • 2* Laugh Line Lifting Masque
    • 2* Undereye Lifting Masque

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