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360 Bending Drill Extension Kit

360 Bending Drill Extension Kit

360 Bending Drill Extension Kit

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Let you drill and work -
even in the smallest of spaces!
Expand your reach with Flexible Drill Extension!

It bends and turns to ease you into the narrowest of spaces.
Nevertheless, you can keep a firm and stable grip
while the inner rotating mechanism is rotating!


The shield of the flexible drill extension protects
your hands while the inner shaft rotates freely.


30 cm flexible drill extension can bend and turn even in tight spaces.

Superior Quality

The drill extension is made of high quality carbon steel,
which is practical and durable.

Further Field Of Application

Flexible drill extension is an important tool in
maintenance and repair, including computer cases,
furniture, electrical appliances, etc.



The 6.35mm hex bit holder fits well for drilling. Make
the drill an excellent combination suitable for
normal hand drills and electric drills.


Color: Black
Material: carbon steel + plastic
Length: 30 cm
Hex diameter: 6.35 mm (1/4 inch)


    1 × Black 295mm drill extension + 12pcs drill heads

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