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Aspireo - Ear Vacuum Cleaner

Aspireo - Ear Vacuum Cleaner

Aspireo - Ear Vacuum Cleaner

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Cotton swabs are often used to clean the ears, which is not always safe. And to clean your children's ears, this type of cleaning device can be more dangerous after various accidents: cottons that remain in the ear cavity, rods with an allergic skin reaction, etc. Now avoid this kind of problem and clean your children's ears and ears with Aspireo, a broom effective ear.


The Aspireo is a device for cleaning the ears quietly and easily. This is definitely one of the safest ways to remove dirt from your ear cavities without hurting yourself.


The aspireo is at your service to clean your ears in a more hygienic and less risky way. In the long run, it saves both money and the environment by drastically reducing your purchases of cotton swabs.

This ear cleaning device comes with two detachable tips to allow more precise and efficient cleaning. It sucks earwax and wax from the ears without causing internal pain. It is also for this reason that it can very well be used by parents to clean their children's ears.


Characteristics :

  • Ear vacuum cleaner without pain
  • Pack: 1 vacuum cleaner: 2 nozzles
  • Power supply: AA battery
  • Length: 13cm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Available color: blue




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