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Back Stretcher

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-New design,the protruding point is inlaid with magnets.
-Magnetic therapy:A physical acupoint massage for neck spine can quickly unclog the meridian,promote and improve the neck spine problem
-Posture corrector and lumbar support.
-Ergonomic design includes a multi-level arch with 3 adjustable settings so that all ages and fitness levels can use and improve flexibility
-With protruding point ,can help the acupoint massage
-You can lie on it or use it as a pillow when you work.
-Pulling with its own gravity, opening the neck inter-vertebral space, so that the disc herniation point retraction, reduce nerve compression, relieve pain.
Package included:
1 x neck Stretcher Tool
1. Color:Black,Blue,Purple,White,Pink
2. Size:38*25cm
3. Adjustable distance: 1.5cm*4
4. Manual adjustment: 3 height setting
5. Application: cervical, lumbar, leg, foot, hand.
6. Material: environmental protection ABS
Material properties
1. environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS raw materials, anti falling, anti impact, flexible.
2. Strong corrosion resistance and no reaction with acid and alkali

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