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Kalimba 17 Keys - Mahogany Wood Thumb Piano

Kalimba 17 Keys - Mahogany Wood Thumb Piano

Kalimba 17 Keys - Mahogany Wood Thumb Piano

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🎁 A very good gift idea for you or your loved ones. 🎁

The most beautiful memory. Enjoy the music.

The  Kalimba ,  also known as the thumb piano, is like a magic music box that can make incredible sound.

It is a new type of instrument originating in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ideal for children who want to develop their musical talent as well as for adults who simply enjoy music.

Easy to play:

No need to have a musical base, you just have to move your thumb to get the wonderful music that will enchant your day.

Clear and melodious sound:

Has cut blades and a mahogany sound box. Notes are sustained longer on a regular basis. The sound becomes more pleasant.

Transportable design:

Small in size, the kalimba comes with a portable fabric bag for easy transport. A great choice for relaxing, unwinding, traveling, etc.

Top quality materials:

Handcrafted with premium mahogany and steel ore blades. For a better perception of hearing, sight and touch.

Instantly playable:

The music book comes with an adapted version of the kalimba. The notation is engraved on the keys, making it a perfect instrument for beginners and children.


You just need to use two inches to get beautiful sound.


Materials  :  [body: Mahogany] + [keys: Carbon steel]

The fingerboard design is finger-friendly so that you can play it more easily.

Dimensions:  18.5 X 13.5 X 3.2 CM


  • 17 Kalimba keys
  • User Manual
  • Learning book
  • Musical hammer
  • Stickers
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Fabric bag


🌈 Easy to learn. No basis to study. Make your dream a reality.

🎶 You can make nice and beautiful music with the kalimba anywhere and anytime.

🎁 Play nice music to soothe body and mind!

🎁 A great gift for children. Stimulate the pleasure of music in children so that they do not spend too much time in front of the screens.

🎁 For your friends. It is the perfect gift for all music lovers.

🎆 For yourself. Enjoy a pleasant evening listening to a soothing melody after a hard day's work.

❤️ The Kalimba - A comforting musical instrument

The kalimba is certainly one of the most enchanting musical instruments.

It is one of the therapeutic tools which does not require any musical knowledge. You can instantly produce pleasant sound and strong healing vibrations. It is suitable for everyone, adults and children.

It is a perfect instrument for learning and playing music.
Encourage your child to become a musician!

It is proven that music greatly helps in the development of the child.

Whether it's to improve their language skills, teach them self-discipline or help them develop a creative mind. Music is a great way to give your child that little extra in their education.


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