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Double Leg Massager ActivCompress

Double Leg Massager ActivCompress

Double Leg Massager ActivCompress

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Treat your legs with a therapeutic compression from your home

We want to make therapy treatment affordable and convenient! That's why we've made a device that eliminates tension and strains by effectively promoting blood circulation.
Exotherapyleg's four pump chambers compress the whole leg for an all-round treatment of any pain you might have. The handy remote is used to control the level of compression to your suitable needs.
You'll be surprised how much pain is healed by better blood circulation.
Exotherapyleg's creates a therapeutic experience from the comfort of your home and without denting your wallet.

Why Exotherapyleg's is for you?


All-round treatment- The compression is equally distributed around the whole leg.
The pain has nowhere to hide!

Revitalize your legs-ExotherapyLeg's eliminates pain by compressing the foot to greatly increase blood circulation. Tension and strains fade away!

Full compression control-The remote is by your side to help you customize your experience. Try out the different options to find the most therapeutic for you.

ExotherapyLeg's is the ultimate choice- Therapeutic healing doesn't require thousands of dollars. ExotherapyLeg's can eliminate all the tension around the legs without costing you a fortune.



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