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Dog toothbrush (FDA approved)

Dog toothbrush (FDA approved)

Dog toothbrush (FDA approved)

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Let your dogs brush their teeth and freshen their own breath! 

80% of dogs face oral health problems by the age of 3 Durable and designed for small and large powerful chewers, the Kanine Care toothbrush is the only dental chew toy for dogs 2 -in-1 that allows dogs to take control of their own healthy teeth every day. Available in two versions, 1) Blue Classic to chew and 2) Green Extreme to chew

  • 🐾The dog toothbrush stick is made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly natural rubber. Most other similar products are made of silicone. The dog's teeth are sharp. The silicone material will be cracked after several times. Natural rubber has good elasticity, high toughness, and it is not easy to tear. So our dog toothbrush sticks more than other similar products. Durable, not easily damaged
  • 🐾The surface is polished and shiny, the bottom of the big claw-shaped design can be held stably on the floor, 360 ° toothbrush column, high-density convex groove and zigzag-shaped design, from so that the dog's teeth can rub removing dirt from the teeth.
  • 🐾Easy to Clean: Cleaning this dog toothbrush is extremely easy and simple. It can be washed directly with soap and water or in the dishwasher. To prevent bacterial growth, this brush should be cleaned before and after use.




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    Dog toothbrush

    1) Obtained FDA patent, directory number HTT190304152CH-1.

    2) Natural rubber material (rubber items intended for repeated use), durable, elastic, not broken to bite the dog.

    3) The surface of the toothbrush shaft can be thoroughly cleaned from hard-to-reach posterior molars due to the special shape / structure of the raised grooves.

    4) Brush teeth for 10 to 15 minutes every day to remove plaque, heal gums, keep mouth clean, and prevent gingivitis.

    5) Every time the owner brushes his dog's teeth, he says that the dog can bite himself, brush his teeth naturally and thus avoid brushing his teeth for the owner.

    6) 360 degree toothbrush removal to remove plaque from the mouth, a meaty flavor that gives the dog the ability to brush their teeth without even straining them.

    7) The surface of the module has been treated with a dog toothbrush so that the surface becomes clear and shiny.

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