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Digital food scoop for pets (dog and cat)

Digital food scoop for pets (dog and cat)

Digital food scoop for pets (dog and cat)

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Do you want a  healthy and balanced diet for your dog or cat  ? You don't want him to become obese under any circumstances or want him to diet? Discover the digital shovel to weigh food in peace!


Our animals deserve a healthy and balanced diet. To feed them properly, it is necessary to avoid under or overfeeding.

This is the reason why, It is recommended to weigh their food. Now you understand why this Digital Food Scoop was invented.

Clean, hygienic and easy to use, this excavator incorporates a  digital scale . It therefore makes it possible to efficiently weigh the ideal ration for your pet. Practical  and  portable , it can hold both solid and powdered foods!

It's the perfect spoon scale for all pet owners who care about the health of their dear companion.


Step 1 :

Align the metal hook on the handle with the clamp groove on the end of the shovel and insert it inside.

2nd step :

Open the battery cover and insert the batteries following the instructions written on the cover.

Advice :

Do not open the battery cover by lifting it. Just pull to the left.


Step 1 :

Press the "ON" button to clear the displayed digit before use. Then right-click (Unit) to select the unit of measurement.

2nd step :

Hold horizontally when weighing.

Step 3:

Wait until the displayed digit stops flashing.

Step 4:

After use, press the button again to clear the displayed result. Press and hold the button at the same time for 3 seconds to turn off the scale. Note that the device turns off automatically after 90 seconds without use.


Hold the scale horizontally when weighing.


  • 1 x Digital Pet Food Scoop


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