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Color changing swim shorts

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General Information 
Swimwear responds to temperature changes. So, these color changing swim trunks need warmth and cold to show what they can do. When you’re wearing these swimshorts, they’re (usually) warm due to your body heat and the warmth of the sun.☀️

To make your swim shorts change color, get cool! That means splash, jump or dive into the water and watch what happens. 💦

The original color changing swimming trunks! ☀️

Your blue swim shorts turn an amazing cherry colored pair as soon as you dive into the water. swimwear changes color as soon as it comes into contact with cold water. official color changing swim shorts don’t change color because of the moisture, it’s  the temperature of the water. As the swim trunks start to dry out and warm up, the first color is revealed again.

✔️ 100% Polyester / Fast drying. ☀️

✔️ Guaranteed Fun, Excitement and Laughter! 😄

✔️ 100% Color Changing. 💦

✔️ Outstanding quality and fashionable fit. 🧵

In short(s), they’re really amazing!

CEW 2020 Beauty Award

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