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Buddha Keychain - Peach Wood Carving

Buddha Keychain - Peach Wood Carving

Buddha Keychain - Peach Wood Carving

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Take this  Peachwood Carved Buddha Keychain  so that Buddha can watch over you and your family. It is the perfect lucky gift to give to your friends.

According to Taoist culture,  peach represents immortality . An ancient legend tells the story of the Queen Mother of the West's (Xiwangmu) peach orchard, which bloomed every 3,000 years and produced peaches attributing immortality to those who consumed them.

 According to ancient traditions, peach wood and its color drove out demons, its petals were able to bewitch humans. Peachwood amulets also had  the ability to drive away evil spirits.

Inscriptions engraved on the back of the pendant:

Amitabha; Amitayus;
May the Buddha preserve us; Merciful Buddha;

一生 平安
You are blessed, you will have a life of happiness and peace
This hand carved Buddha keychain is a true work of art and I am sure you think the same.


Some technical details:

  • Material: Peach wood
  • Size: 4.5 x 3.5 cm
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