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Bubble Gun

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 Made of non-polluting PVC, a non-toxic material for children. 

🌳 For the pleasure of young and old alike. Find the joy of creating resistant and colorful soap bubbles with this Bubble Gun.

The Bubble Gun in details:

⭐ New design

Innovative toy model, warm and captivating colors. A safe and quality product, safe for children.

💎 Lightweight and easy to transport

The Bubble Gun is easy to use and transport. The liquid does not overflow even with vibrations.

🔥 Light and sound bubble gun, one touch

On first use, the Gun needs a minute of flushing to produce bubbles. A power supply with 7 1.5 volt batteries ensures continuous autonomy.

✅ Safe and clean, with an improved anti-leak system

Designed with small hole reflux, the concentrated bubble liquid is returned to the bottle. This allows children to have fun without worrying about excess foam.

🌈 Bright and colorful soap bubbles

Attractive toy with soft lighting that is comfortable for the eyes.

It is the perfect gift choice for your child. This Bubble Gun allows you to easily create beautiful soap bubbles!


  • Color: Pink / Blue
  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS
  • Product Dimensions: 18 * 6.5 * 16cm
  • Power supply: 7 AAA 1.5 V batteries


  • Bubble Gun * 1


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