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Who We Are

We give you the best of your MAGICAL BEAUTY
My name is Laya.....
Here at Laya Online we are passionate about getting the basics right to create the right canvas to help you attain your perfect look. We love makeup as much as the next person, but first you have to have a healthy and nourished body to maximise the benefits of any product you want to use.  Be it a colour for your hair, make up for your face, polish for your nails, or tanning products for your body.
 I am the owner and founder of Laya  I wanted to take this time to thank YOU for visiting our store and hope you enjoy the experience.  At Laya Online store I really wanted to give every woman the opportunity to look after and maintain the healthy glow she deserves in the comfort of her own home, at her own time, for the right price.


We help you to make your life healthy.
We choose sports products for you with great care, to reach you quickly and in high quality, to help you do your favorite exercises from your home, and you will get results that will impress you.

Your beauty is our mission!

We work for an easier, more beautiful, and better life.
We choose the best aesthetic products for you and provide you with the beauty tools you need, to help you get magic beauty easily :)

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